We are CupCap

Come in, sit down and relax.
Inhale deeply and smell the aroma of the newly brewed coffee.
Introducing the newest brand in hot drinks.

CUPCAP. A youthful, innovative, trendy and cosmopolitan brand.
A brand that fits in with your lifestyle.

A brand that fits in with your friends and your passions, new and old.
A brand that tastes great on a cold, rainy day or in the middle of summer.
A brand that provokes strong emotions and tastes just as good
at home or at the office.


CUPCAP is carefully packaged
in pods that preserve all of the quality
and freshness of our blends.

CUPCAP is a drink for lovers
of strong flavours who want
a unique and genuine experience.

So whatever your style...
have a CUP.


CUPCAP wants your experience with our blends
to always be extraordinary. So, we have innovated heavily
to ensure we meet the needs of our customers
with the highest quality.

And of course... taste comes before everything else.
You just have to choose which one fits your personality best.

Are you more Hot Chocolate or Red Goat?
Do you lean more towards Latte or Colombian?
Are you passionate about Breakfast Blend or always determined to Dark Roast?

Whichever you choose, everything we do
is to ensure that the moment when you drink
your coffee is truly special.

And with CUPCAP that moment is guaranteed.


Ever dreamed of visiting Colombia?
Then try this pure Colombian.
All of the emotion of Latin America
in a coffee cup.

Breakfast Blend

Mornings start better with the smooth flavour
of our Breakfast Blend.
To be enjoyed preferably
while still in your pyjamas.

Dark Roast

Only for true connoisseurs
of an intense, aromatic Robusta
with a strong personality.
Isn’t that how big passions begin?

Red Goat

The world’s strongest coffee.
Only for those strong enough
to handle it.

French Roast

The genuine flavour of Parisian coffee,
without leaving home.
It’s enough to make you say... oh la la!

Donut House

With or without a donut,
this is a coffee that’s true to NY style.
For those into the American Dream.

House Blend Medium

Our “house” special.
A smooth and balanced mix for those
who don’t like anything too extreme.

Special Blend Decaf

Yes, it’s decaffeinated… but you would never tell!
A smooth and aromatic flavour
that’ll ensure sweet dreams…

Double Double

Double the amount of everything:
double the milk, double the coffee
and double the sugar.
No apologies, no regrets… just enjoy.


A balanced mixture of selected
coffees and milk.
Ideal for two.

Hot Chocolate

30% pure cocoa and plenty of emotion
in this delicious hot drink.
Winter has never tasted so good!

We mean Business!

CUPCAP is part of a group that specialises in coffee
and is the market leader in Portugal for coffee pods
and an important distributor to highly-valued markets
like the US, Europe and South America.

Generations of accumulated experience guarantees
that our brand is certified to the highest quality standards:
ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, IQNet, BRC and IFS Food


If you are a coffee professional,
talk to us and discover the solutions
and commercial conditions
that we have to offer.

Not just for the commercialisation
and distribution of these blends,
but also for your own private label
and different types of pods.

Contact us!

We are here

Rua Com. José Maria Ceia, nº 18
7300-056, Portalegre

Tel.: (+351) 245207077
Tlm.: (+351) 968649740


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